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Minecraft is a sandbox building with most forms of cube, which can be playing in single player and multiplayer mode. When creating a Minecraft world, a player can choose between the hardcore version (which is very hard!), creative version (in which the player has all the items), and survival version (it is all about survival until the end). The player is giving a special place with nothing, and he must make his or her house from the wood or on what it is founding the neighborhood to protect from the monsters the main purpose being to avoid the death. If the player dies, he will resume playing from where it first came up.

During the game, the player aim it is to build weapons, finding "block" s most valuable or diamonds that can make all kinds of stuff to assure the survival and default basis to achieve new conquests. The game it is as “a drug” once started because it is developing many of the player skills at side, the personal and community level, which it is part. If someone brings in a desk, diamonds and sticks can immediately create a diamond pickaxes, for example, if he gather flint and steel can come up with something that can burn , which is very, very cool!Every Minecraft player has a different motivation, because this game offers the possibility of expressing, their personally personality and the way of thinking of each player.

At the community level, pvp servers for minecraft are extremely numerous and every day, their number, and increases. The entire Globe is studding in a Minecraft faction’s network that unites within it, millions of players, who are always in search of that item that will ensure invincibility, of the best faction server minecraft or the strongest factions that reign over all others.


Faction servers in minecraft
are creating every day in almost all countries. Players come together in factions fighting against each other in an endless struggle, the minecraft survival factions server for dominance that, although virtual, provides each member the joy of being part of the winning camp, whether won or lost, because Minecraft, always offers the possibility of revenge, which enhances the joy of playing and keeps the players dreams alive.